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by Andrew Malone

The art of playing dumb

Let’s say you’re in a meeting. Or you’re training someone. Or you’re re-training someone for what seems like the 15th time. Or, heck, you’re talking to your kids. What’s the best way to get your point across? How about if you let them make it for you? Here’s the thing….

By: Duncan Hull - CC BY 2.0

Is it time to revisit your company’s policies?

This week, Governor Mark Dayton and the Minnesota State Legislature celebrated the end of the “unsession”. The guv’s goal was to get rid of all the archaic and stupid laws on the books and make the bureaucracy a little less horrible. Apparently it worked. There are now 1,175 fewer laws…

By: darth87 - CC BY 2.0

My latest at HR Culture Club: A millenial mini-manifesto

As a Millenial, I often can relate to the stereotypes in the endless stream of articles written about my generation. Sometimes, though, I think those authors get it a little wrong. Most of the time, it’s because those authors are Baby Boomers, members of the generation that perceives the most…

By: gnuckx - CC BY 2.0

Are “best practices” hurting your business?

Here’s the thing about best practices: They’re only the best practices someone has figured out yet. Best practices are kind of like headlights on a car. They keep things safe. They make the road ahead a little more predictable. Best practices are fine, as long as that’s the model you’re…

The Hot Dog Guy

My latest at examiner.com: 5 tips for building a personal brand

I’m not a huge sports fan, but I love going to games for the people watching and the energy. The other night at a drizzly Twins loss, I noticed The Hot Dog Guy has got the personal branding thing down. He stands out among all the other concession peddlers. In…

By: Jesper Särnesjö - CC BY 2.0

My latest at HR Culture Club: What’s your worldview?

I’ve been thinking lately about the differences between optimism and pessimism, being proactive and being reactive, being self-centered and being others-centered. I’ve concluded that there is a spectrum of worldviews bookended by two extremes that I call victims, those who focus more on how the world affects them, and agents,…

By: thetaxhaven - CC BY 2.0

The Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Old school thinkers focused on the social justice ramifications of diversity. It was just “fair” to hire minorities and women. They need a leg up, and white guys running companies have an obligation to give it to them. Thank goodness this condescending view of things has passed as what should…


New Gig! Examiner.com

I got a new gig (well, really I re-activated my old gig) writing for Examiner.com. My official title is “Twin Cities Career Advice Examiner”. I’ll cross-post my stuff from there over to here. It’s a little longer-form than a blog. My first piece is here. It’s on that terrible word,…

By: Pen Waggener - CC BY 2.0

The Power of Humor in Business

Have you ever flown Southwest Airlines? They’re known for their fun and funny flight attendants. Views of this video have increased fivefold since I saw it last week, so there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen it. But in case you haven’t seen it, here. It’s worth 3 minutes of…



Here are two ideas I think most people agree with: Work should be fun. Games are fun. The fact is, a lot of people don’t look forward to going to work. It’s boring. There are better things they can be doing. It takes away from time with family and friends….